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66 definitions by Erik

a great metal-band from The Netherlands, www.baskoole.xzero.com
Xzero rulez
by erik December 14, 2003
The highest-tier sloochie
"Hey look, a hbb Becgay! Daaaaaaaaaamn!"
by Erik December 02, 2003
1) A fictional deodorant for one's butt.(from Saturday Night Live Sketch.)
2)Any Deodorant.
"Man,I stink...I need a can of Ass Don't Smell."
by Erik November 12, 2003
the act of performing a twizzler (see twizzler) while putting one finger, usually the pinky in the anus.
european girls like the french twister
by erik October 07, 2003
1. A skater who becomes a gothic, but actually is neither a skater nor a gotic.
2. a sad person
She's a skotic and a wannabe
by erik December 14, 2003
a kick ass rock band from the netherlands
Lost in poetry plays tonight
by erik December 14, 2003
to leave somewhere, a suggestion to depart
you wanna go? Let's dip.
by Erik August 12, 2003