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It refers to something very cool.
-That new bling is so chiza.

-Eric should live in chizaville cuz hes so cool!
by Eric/Greg October 13, 2004
Fucking Huge ass Hippo that lives in the amazon that eats alligators, Fish, monkeys, or anything it can get its hands on. Also can use as an insult to someone who is very large.
That fuckin Plumikis ate my little brothers monkey.

You Plumikis go on a diet.
by Eric/Greg October 13, 2004
Person you would like to beat up.. stands for person i would like to fuck up. when sum1 gets on ur nerves n u talkn bout them You jus call them a Piwltfu.. it is said like Piltu
Greg: Dude ward is that (zachy lol just gotta put that in there) kid a Piwltfu?

Eric: Yee im gunna kick that kids ass
by Eric/Greg October 16, 2004
Someone who is loved by all.
Zachy could be a lufer if everyone liked him.
by Eric/Greg October 13, 2004
Terrible, bad, shity, huff, crapy, it means something is really bad if u didnt catch on
1st example:EWWw that chiks hoopdie!!!!

2nd example: O my zachy is so hoopdie at basketball its imbarassing
by Eric/Greg October 27, 2004
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