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Italian slang for "bullshit". Common synonyms include pants, bollocks, horseshit, etc.
Clemenza promised them ugatz.
by Epon February 14, 2004
Italian pronunciation of "sausage".
Here, have some salsiccia and peppers!
by Epon February 18, 2004
What Vinnie (Andy Garcia) screamed after shooting Joey Zasa during a retaliation hit.
Dressed as a police officer mounted on a horse, Vinnie took out his gun, aimed at Joey and fired.

by Epon February 18, 2004
Site formerally owned by Sep, turned over to Epon, then returned back to Sep in 2005. Also a sandwhich without the bread.
Sepwich went down due to bandwidth, AGAIN!
by Epon February 21, 2005
Former owner of Sepwich, now owner of www.eponisdumb.com
Oi, I heard this Epon fella' is mighty fine in bed. Much better than that Ninj0r fella'.
by Epon February 21, 2005

Site owned and maintained by Epon. Hosts other stuff.


The sandwich without the bread
Sepwich went down due to bandwidth AGAIN!
by Epon October 03, 2003
Not a fag. There's a clear difference
You're not a fag, you're a fawg. There's a clear difference.
by Epon March 07, 2005

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