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"Ugatz" is spelled correctly in the Neapolitan dialect of Italian, "o cazzo." The Italian equivalent is "il cazzo." The masculine definite article "il" in Italian is "o" in Neapolitan, meaning "the."

It literally translates to "cock/penis", but is also used in Italian as the English words "fuck" or "shit."
"Fatti i cazzi tuoi!"

"Mind your cocks!"

"Mind your fucking shit/business!"
(in this case, "cazzo" is used like "fuck/shit" in English.)

An example of "ugatz" used in Italian-American English would be...

"You said this investment was a sure thing! Now look at my account balance! I've got ugatz here!

In this instance, "cazzo" is used like English's "shit," meaning "nothing." So...

"You said this investment was a sure thing! Now look at my account balance! I've got nothin' here!"
by Dino Pascarella September 30, 2009
Ugatz is derived from the Italian "u casso", literally translated as "this penis". The accompanying gesture involves dramatically lowering both hands, palms flat and facing outward, toward one's crotch. The term is used to signify a challenge to another in a variety of scenarios (see example below).
I'll never go to jail -- the DA doesn't have "ugatz" on me that will stand up in court.
by OT March 16, 2005
An Italian-American slang from the Italian "u casso" meaning balls, nothing, cock, dick.
A: First day at the job but I know this job like the back of my hand.

B: You know ugatz.

Your wife has a nice demeanor.

She's got ugatz.

by Pigslut Master July 24, 2008
Italian slang for "bullshit". Common synonyms include pants, bollocks, horseshit, etc.
Clemenza promised them ugatz.
by Epon February 14, 2004
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