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To have a pudgy, rectangular face in the form of a a deep sea crustacean, 'Crab'
Renee Zellweger has a smashed crab face
by Enrique February 05, 2005
A similar type of the Phat Farm design exept that they have the "P" sign facing the other way, people who cant afford real ones buy them
GUY:Yoo look at his Phat Farms nice colors
GUY2:Son those are fake ones dont u see the "P"?
GUY:Ohh yeah..
GUY2:Hey yo the prick with the fakies Phat Farms your kicks suck.
by Enrique September 29, 2004
Spanish slang for "weed", it works because it sounds like a spanish name, so it can be tried infront of parents like below....
Enrique:Hey Marco are we gonna go wit Weediberto?
Mom:Whos Weedilberto?
Enrique: Oh.. he is just a good friend of mines.... a GOOD friend :)
by Enrique January 22, 2006
Persona con abundante cabellera.
Pelo de fino grosor.
Vamos Pelusa!!!
(refiriendose a Diego, para que deje de tomar cocaina)
by Enrique March 13, 2005
Brand produced by Ice T
Wow that wigger is wearin Ice Wear pants lets fuck him up..
by Enrique September 29, 2004
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