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Located on the western part of Mexico, its just like another LA, full of crime drugs and gangsbangin, the most beautiful place there is Maztlan, great tourist place, and dont go to Culiacan, its know as "The motherland of the drug lords" kick the ass of crips and bloods.
Fuck yeah Sinaloa is nice
by Enrique February 22, 2005
The best place ever to live. Everything can be found there. Sinaloa is the only real state in México. Yes, there are some drugs dealers but they are important for the economy and they are pacifits. You know, Kennedy and alcohol. The most beautiful Mexican women are found in Sinaloa, and the bravest men. Nice beaches, nice people, nice sea food, the best beef, and great bear.
Famous Sinaloans

* Julio César Chávez
* Laura Harring
* Lorena Herrera
* Yolanda Andrade
* Ana Gabriel
* Pedro Infante
* Lola Beltrán
* Jared Borgetti
* Francisco Labastida
by Andrés, the best. December 14, 2005
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