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When you are listening to the radio and there isnt good music, and when you only have the choice to listen to Kelly Clarkson!!!
Fuck! its the zero hour. This trip is gonna be long one.
by Enrique April 04, 2005
when a donkey inserts its penis into a dead baby's mouth.
that donkey just bippered my dead baby!
by enrique July 13, 2004
The guy in the botton is right, I've heard that word before, anyways it its a spanglish word for "What the fuck", real funny to use. Try it with your family and homeboys!
CJ:Hey mom!
Mom:Hi, son, I have to tell you something really important.
CJ:What is it mom?
Mom:Well you are OJ Simpson is your real father!!!
by Enrique December 23, 2004
Very well played out movie with not the best acting but some of the best editing known to man.
Wow that 9 minute movie was sure good enought to maybe watch again... maybe.
by Enrique March 11, 2004
The act of eating pig intestines. They are cheaper and more affordable than your ordinary pork, while providing a constant source of food to people.

Background: Started in a halfway crackhouse in the early 80's when the mother of Eric Mitchell decided it would be easier to eat pig intestines. They were just as wholesome, while being a bit more meaty.
Fred cooked Mitchell some chitlins in the mornin' after a hard eve of sex and crack.
by Enrique April 04, 2005
University for Sucky Bastards
Boss:You ain't doing your work right!, where the fuck you come from?USB???
Worker:Im sorry!!
by Enrique December 28, 2004
A fucking annoying song that when you listen to it you start to think that Limp Bizquit sound good, the song got famous by some fat greaseball turkey troath bitch, you may think this post is hatin, but its reallysaying the truth, and cmon the video of that lard ass is really gay and boring, its not funny at all
I hate numa numa, son!
by enrique March 16, 2005

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