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Located on the western part of Mexico, its just like another LA, full of crime drugs and gangsbangin, the most beautiful place there is Maztlan, great tourist place, and dont go to Culiacan, its know as "The motherland of the drug lords" kick the ass of crips and bloods.
Fuck yeah Sinaloa is nice
by Enrique February 22, 2005
50 Cent's favorite song acording to a interview, in the video, he explains how he got shot 9 times and survived.
Drive-by shotters:Hey yo lets shoot that 50 prick, aye lets go..
50 Cent:Mudafucka your lives are in the line...
by Enrique September 11, 2004
Means snitch in Spanish
Carlos:Juan you fuckin chismoso, why u said I was smokin weed?!?!
Juan:Im sorry man:'(, its bad for your health......
Carlos:Shut the fuck up.......
by enrique June 30, 2005
"Se me paro" is a spanish word for Im horny or Im hard
GUY1=Hey yo check that lady right there...
GUY2=Yeah se me paro
GUY1=U sick bastard
by Enrique September 08, 2004
A beautiful bay city in the Western part of Mexico, in the state of Sinaloa, its a well known tourist place, it has nice beaches, beautiful hotels, the people is cool, and the women there are just beatiful, its one of the best places in the world, where rap,reggaeton,reagge,rock,salsa and other kinds of music are listen.
Rashuan:Yo man, I went to Mazatlan this summer, it was fuckin nice man, women, hotels, clubs, margaritas!!
Cris:Damn son, lets go next summer, I heard that the springbreaks get CRUNK!!
by Enrique December 17, 2004
Song by The Game featuring Busta Rhymes, the title itself explains the song, how the same story is passed from father to son, hystory repeats itself, dont forget that kids.
Father: Awww i cant belive Bush got elected!!!
10 yrs after

Son: Awww i cant belive Bush got elected, damn.
by Enrique April 21, 2005
To have a pudgy, rectangular face in the form of a a deep sea crustacean, 'Crab'
Renee Zellweger has a smashed crab face
by Enrique February 05, 2005

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