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A sexual act where a man repeatedly pokes his penis through two women's lips as they kiss. Also known as a a double-sided hot dog or a senor gonzalez.
''Damn if you had a sister as fine as you, I would have both of you in a spanish sandwich''

i'm put you in the sandwich
by encyclopaedo November 20, 2010
The penile moves employed by a man to entice a girl to commit sexual acts. Particularly appropriate in regards to sucking cock.
Example 1:

Girl: Oh My God! I didn't know you could move it without touching it!

Guy: Hell yeah babes. I got cockcharm!

Guy: Come here girl... (move cock suggestively without touching it)
Girl: Oh hell no. Don't use that cockcharm on me! You know I can't control myself!
by Encyclopaedo July 19, 2010
Something so fantastic it makes you want to spaff in your pants.
Andy: Oh my god Ben? Did you make this asparagus soup?

Andy: Why yes Ben, I did.

Ben: Fuck me. It's bloody jafftastic!
by Encyclopaedo July 19, 2010
Coquefort (also spelt cockfort) is the buildup of cheese around a French man's cock. Very similar to smegma but with a hint of garlic.
Oh mon Dieu doctor, I have so much Coquefort! Help me s'il vous plait!
by Encyclopaedo July 19, 2010
1. A medical condition whereby your cock is continuously infested with smegma.

2. An insult aimed at another man's manhood
1. "Please doctor, I don't know what to do! My quaver cock is acting up again and all I can smell is my cheese!"

2. "Oh shut the fuck up Dave, you quaver cock, you'll play in goal and that's final."
by Encyclopaedo July 19, 2010
A friendly way to describe a gangbang to a female companion.
Hey how you doing! Wanna come to my place for a beer and a gangboozle?

When she turns up at your place and sees 6 guys holding dicks and a cheap whore friggin' herself off in a corner...

Her: What the fuck is this?!
You: Oh hey! Glad you made it to the Gangboozle! You're gonna have a great time!
by Encyclopaedo July 19, 2010
A sexual act involving a professional man and a woman of lesser professional standing.

The woman kneels down and begins to give a man a blowjob but right before climax, the man pulls out and bucks his pelvis forward in order to land on the woman's chest while simultaneously taking a poo on her chest.
-I can't believe Brad did that!
-Yeah he just grabbed Carmela in the middle of the parents' bedroom and gave her a stinky lewinsky. He got shit e-v-e-r-y-w-h-e-r-e!
by encyclopaedo November 20, 2010

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