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Often a sugary, caramel eyed Angel. A dark haired beauty, with a soft, sexy, sensual way about her. Fierce friend and lover. A woman with no sexual boundaries. Often drives a spectacular sporty chariot.
Wow, if she only was a Carmela, she'd be perfect.
by Capt.Jim February 05, 2010
An amazing dark haired beauty, with a soft, sexy, sensual way about her. She is the sweetest girl but can be your worst nightmare if you hurt her loved ones. Usually doing her own thing not giving a crap about anyone else. It takes a lot for someone to catch her mind. Family is her number one priority right by her lover. Knows how to enter a room with elegance yet jaw dropping sense of beauty. She can be the most caring and nurturing girl when it comes to kids. On the outside she seems like she has everything planned out but in the inside she is scared as fuck always worrying about the littlest things. Very down to earth. Will make you feel like you are the only one in the world. Kid at heart.
Example: Woah look over there,Carmela is entering the room
by just say the truth April 11, 2013
Italian and Spanish form of CARMEL.
Yo soy Carmela.
My name is Carmela.
by dandsa October 24, 2007
A name commonly used in literature whose character depicts an unseathy yet sensuously sexy role. Often times a lush, promiscuous girl or a prostitute. Very often true to life!
I'm gonna get me some Carmela tonight!
by Carmela November 12, 2007
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