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19 definitions by Elfresh

A Rapper
Plies (born Algernod Lanier Washington) is an American rapper from Fort Myers, Florida, best known when his entourage opened fire at a nightclub in Gainesville, Florida.
Plies is signed to Slip-N-Slide Records and was the creator of the song I Wanna Fuck You (also called "I Wanna Love You"), which is a hit song for singer Akon and rapper Snoop Dogg. The two removed Plies' verses after he was arrested.

albums so far:
36 ounces
100% real nigga (mixtape)
Da Real Nigga Bible
How im livin' how im livin how im Livin aint nothing like you seen on B.E.T.

Plies is a real nigga dawg
by Elfresh April 14, 2007
Twitter Search - meaning Follow Friday
Update Example
SmoothCrimina24 #FF @Elfresh @nikebasketball @KevinDing @chargers_chica @iluvsuelyn @RONARTESTCOM @derekfisheer @reallamardom
by Elfresh January 29, 2010
A Producer in Atlanta
Most Notable From Making Gucci Mane Beats:
Icy, Bricks, Make the Trapp Aye, Alot & Gorgeous

Does Rap, R&B & Gospel Tracks

Latest Track known since 10-13-09 is Usher - Papers
(piano Plays) Zaytoven
Zaytoven on the Track
by Elfresh October 13, 2009
A Statement Basically Saying "Hit me up", "Call Me", "Message" and/or "Text Me" When your not busy

Mostly Used in Florida
Yo Papi when your not busy Just Beam Me up
by Elfresh September 06, 2009
a rapper that also from Ft. Myers coming up quick as hell
he got something like plies flow

Raw as hell
Aye nigga you heard that new Frank lini

Im all in
by Elfresh August 20, 2008
a Production company in Sanford, Florida
DRK STR for short
a Group Eshon Hardy (Young Stallion) started
yo nigga you heard about dark star
they givin aways beats and free shit
by Elfresh August 20, 2008
Basic Ass Ridiculous Bitches Imitating Everybody
nicki minaj -"Its Barbie Bitch"
by Elfresh January 24, 2010