This slang is very new and used by rappers recently gaining recognition in the industry. Typically only used by the younger generation of trap rappers. More importantly, it means to dilute drugs (like baking soda for cooked cocaine), so that more product is created with less substance.
"Im finessing the rest of this brick because I am almost out."
by Cracker Jackz July 09, 2013
1) striking a soccer ball so it just hangs in the air before landing in the goal

2) having a nice shot in soccer

3) doing something quite well
guy 1: i was watching the world cup and i saw this dude finessing the ball, it seemed like it hung in the air for an eternity before it dropped in right above the keepers' hands.

guy 2: well i watched messi finessing the ball in. He shot it beautifully to the far post.
by soccer freak 94 June 08, 2010

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