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The party is out in bokey.
by Anonymous July 21, 2003
Particular to the Sanford, FL location. This term relates to the nature in which a majority the locale's aesthetic appearance is unkempt, down-trodden, or ghetto. The term has been used for generations among the Sanford residents to describe themselves and their area inhabitance.
Function: adjective
Man, you just a broke - busted – bokey - bitch!

Function: noun
I stay over in Bokey, off 13th street. Where u stay at?
by Anony mouus August 12, 2007
Exclusive to Seminole High School in Sanford, Florida and the surrounding area. You have to be a Nole to get it because it means everything and nothing. The previous post about Lake Mary? Ha! They are just Bokey wannabes!
We go to school in the Bokey.

Is there a party in the Bokey tonight?
by Yearbook Editor February 17, 2009
local to Cheddar, Somerset, England, U.K.

means 'unpleasant', 'socially awkward', 'grim', 'disturbing'.

sometimes shortened to 'boke'- used in instances of exceptional unpleasantness.
"There is a scene in 'Deliverance' that is really bokey."

"Walking alone through the graveyard at night is bokey."

"...and then my mum walked in on me having sex with my girlfriend", "that is boke!".
by WONDERBRAins January 20, 2011
Short for OK, derived from second part of "okie-dokie" or "okie-bokie"
"Yo, wanna have some of these stoopid chips?"
by Nils00 December 21, 2006
the act of being stupid,ignorant etc. also see booschie,doppy,or trifling.
This jerk is mad bokey,someone should slide him.
by Mar2easy and V-Check October 24, 2003

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