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A woman with great boobs (not necessarily big but just great). Derived from the Janet Jackson song of a similar name and her little "incident" at the super bowl. Yowza!
At the superbowl, Janet Jackson went from being bootylicious to being boobylicious.
by SoulfulZen April 25, 2005
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A word said by sad fucking prats to describe a girls nice boobs.
Sam: Ohh look after your boobies, they are boobylicious ;)

Girl: Eww.
by Dyaaar December 11, 2009
but boobylicious meaning has a nice rack/boobs/breasts/tits
Howard:"Brettany,you are so BOOBYLICIOUS."
Brettany:"Thank you,Howard.I have such a nice rack,that your brother and I are going out and we make out under your bed every night."
Howard:"So that's what those noises are that are keeping me up all night!"
by Yourmom Isfat February 21, 2008
The act or state of your tits being bouncy and bodacious. usually take a very round squished shape. when wearing a miracle bra, boobylicious boobies are usually located in your neck; touchable. derived from the root boob or boobie.
oh damn look at them boobylicious tities!
by neckboobs January 19, 2012
Having vuluptuious boobs. Like bootylicious except it's boobylicious. Having nice boobs.
Pamela Anderson is boobylicious!!
by Karyn M April 21, 2008
Used for girls/females/women who have nice,attractive and big breasts which attracts men.
"I saw Jack's new girlfriend last week, she is so boobylicious"
by JK1984 January 29, 2009
someone with big boobs, extremely big boobs - likes to draw attention to them and show them off
why is she always acting so boobylicious?

damn! that girls boobylicious!
by this*is*my*name*bitches April 01, 2007

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