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4 definitions by Drea

the woman that gave birth to you; your mother
let me ask my t-lady before we go.
by drea November 30, 2004
153 85
1.one whom others percieve as odd or unnatural. 2.a display(usually at a carnival or circus) of persons others may percieve as odd or unnatural. 3. a level in the video game CarnEvil.
Welcome all to the Freakshow! Step right up and see the amazing bearded woman!
by Drea July 02, 2003
43 14
The only kind of boy that I would ever date.
You're a computer nerd?! Tell me, who's your favorite character on DS9 and are you for or against iframes..? ...SPIDERMAN MADE YOU GAY, TOO?! :D
by Drea May 07, 2003
22 8
Ghetto term for "something"
Kumpin' be wrong wit you nerga.
by Drea October 28, 2003
3 6