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Sound of indifferent evilness's cause I'm evil kid
by llamanator October 10, 2004
The incorrect spelling of the word schnaa
Chiteiqua Jones: I have a telescope so i can spy on the hobos that live next door.
Tolae Tissheu: That's so schnaa.
Chiteiqua Jones: How do you spell that?
Tolae Tissheu: s-c-h-n-a-a.
Chiteiqua Jones: Oh, i thought it was s-h-n-a.
Tolae Tissheu: No, u were being schnaa.
Chiteiqua Jones: Ah hahahaha
by Dominique April 09, 2005
That's what she said
a girl says to you,
"thats a really ugly hat"
then your friend comes up and says,
"thats a really ugly hat"
you say,
"Shna!", indicating the girl
by Candy February 13, 2004

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