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This word was first seen written on a package at Arn L's house. Overtime balickbalyan has been evolved to describe an attractive flipino woman. Apparently, the translation flipino to english is "go there, come back."
Someone has the fever for balickbalyan's.
by Dominic October 04, 2004
See Dominic Rosenthal
"Fuck up or fuck off"
by Dominic August 08, 2004
Short for young pleasure. A YP is an amazingly hot girl that's under the age of 18.
Damn! That Alyssa J. sure is one hella YP!
by Dominic October 25, 2003
is a combination of whore and slut, meaning girls that are easy to procreate with but requires inebriation. For example, Those slurs need to come over and party with us.
Those girls from town are slore. Why wont those slurs come over sooner.
by Dominic April 21, 2004
a mix between the two foulest creations on earth. a nigger. and a mcdonalds chicken mcnugget.
amanda rasmus is a buttfuck mcnugger.
by dominic August 07, 2004
a powerfull runescape character that owns a dumb clan di
brimms owns you! now shut up!!
by dominic November 29, 2004
A DJ set that is flawless.
With the crowd still in a rinsed out mind Siren continued to drop it hard and I have to say her set was overall great!
by Dominic October 02, 2003
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