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this guy is such a noob he kills ppl and is a very well known as bser. if u see him dont fight him
hey im beatensword please die!! fucker!
by dominic November 29, 2004
Saboot-boot is the term to describe big lipped, heavily tanned filipino woman. The faces of Saboot-boot women have also been known resemble the facial structure of Homo Neanderthalensis from the Paleolithic period. Also known as 'Bootin' or 'Mountain Women"
That flip girl is bootin.
by Dominic October 02, 2004
A resident of Hockessin, bearing all the distinguishing marks therof:
- Fake designer bag/items
- At least one mercades, BMW, or acura in the family fleet
- Hopped up on some type of upper or downer
- Feels superior to all others, resulting in the identifier of impatience in long lines.
That bitch jumped right in front of me at the WaWa counter. She's a real Hockessien.
by Dominic February 01, 2005
Whoooha is another word like a slutty white girl. Often decked out in rocawear and von dutch, these specimens normally spend most of their time listening to rap and r&b and watching BET.

Also see: nightrider.
I went to this bar thursday and all I saw were whoooha's
by Dominic October 04, 2004
(see also a-hatch and o-hatch)
Refers specifically to the anal passage.
Can be used freely in almost any sentence and has underlying references to the receiver of such comments being a homosexual.
"Right in the b-hatch!"
"That ball curved like a b-hatch!"
by Dominic June 04, 2004
Celebratory term for all-purpose use.
Derived from the sound made when slapping one's thighs/shank.
"I've scored... BOOMSHANK!"
by Dominic June 04, 2004
alcoholic beverage created by combining malibu rum and tang.
You drank all your tangibu, you can't have any of mine.
by Dominic March 18, 2005
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