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36 definitions by Dominic

alcoholic beverage created by combining malibu rum and tang.
You drank all your tangibu, you can't have any of mine.
by Dominic March 18, 2005
1. an alcoholic beverage created when "tang" and "malibu" rum are combined.
"bitch, make me a tangabu cuz I wanna get fucked-up!"
by dominic March 13, 2005
HKHoneys is another term to describe attractive chinese women. This term is used in unison with bi-weekly trips to Pacific Mall. Pacific Mall is the prime grazing grounds for HKHoneys.
Lets head to pacific mall. I have the fever for the HKHoneys.
by Dominic October 02, 2004
(see markovnikov's law)
Shit, more specifically, a skid mark.
*somebody lets rip*
"Sounds like you just left a brown precipitate!"
by Dominic June 04, 2004
Fucking online counterstrike 1.6 5v5 GOD ! , He fucking owns you ! IDLE #AP IDLE #AP BESERKER OWNS YOU !
bskr from #ap he will drop you like a school bag on a friday afternoon
by Dominic December 13, 2004
(see chuck)
Time spent or planned to be spent 'chucking'.
"It's chuck-time!"
by Dominic June 04, 2004
Short for young pleasure. A YP is an amazingly hot girl that's under the age of 18.
Damn! That Alyssa J. sure is one hella YP!
by Dominic October 25, 2003