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1. an alcoholic beverage created when "tang" and "malibu" rum are combined.
"bitch, make me a tangabu cuz I wanna get fucked-up!"
by dominic March 13, 2005
HKHoneys is another term to describe attractive chinese women. This term is used in unison with bi-weekly trips to Pacific Mall. Pacific Mall is the prime grazing grounds for HKHoneys.
Lets head to pacific mall. I have the fever for the HKHoneys.
by Dominic October 02, 2004
The term used to a situation that is extremely humiliating. Looking back on something you had done which is dumb/immature. Often accompanied by the thought of "What the hell was I thinking."
Yo. Why did you ...... when you went to that club. Oh man that is so blursh.
by Dominic October 02, 2004
(see markovnikov's law)
Shit, more specifically, a skid mark.
*somebody lets rip*
"Sounds like you just left a brown precipitate!"
by Dominic June 04, 2004
(see chuck)
Time spent or planned to be spent 'chucking'.
"It's chuck-time!"
by Dominic June 04, 2004
(see chuck)
A woman you are willing to sacrifice a mere five minutes to 'chuck' over (i.e. masturbate)
"Jade Chester's a real chuck-muffin!"
"I'd like to feast on that chuck-muffin!"
"This muffin's absorbing valuable chuck-time!"
by Dominic June 04, 2004
Fucking online counterstrike 1.6 5v5 GOD ! , He fucking owns you ! IDLE #AP IDLE #AP BESERKER OWNS YOU !
bskr from #ap he will drop you like a school bag on a friday afternoon
by Dominic December 13, 2004
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