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Short for "yes please"
Eliza: Would you like some nutella and peanut butter thinly spread on a tortilla with a glass of milk and male strippers?

Alene: YP.
by A boy February 26, 2005
"your problem'
Not your concern
Your friend calls you in the middle of the night and has just ran out of gas. Your response is "Sounds like a YP to me!"
#fault #problem #concern #uninvolved #don't care
by funnyfacelisa July 11, 2008
Young Potential. A girl who IT IS LEGAL to have sexual intercourse with but morally wrong. The potential is there, just lacking a few years of age from yours.
'ohhh spot of YP' *Dad is unaware of the passing comment*
#filth #mucky #potential #risky #barely legal
by its just a spot of YP April 10, 2011
"Yield Protection"; used to explain the effect seen in some college or graduate admissions departments where an applicant with extremely good credentials will be rejected or waitlisted, while seemingly less-qualified individuals will be presumptively accepted.

The theory is that by rejecting or waitlisting such applicants, the school's selectivity ranking is protected, and its US News and World Report ranking may be enhanced.
A: "I applied to a TTT but got rejected! But I was accepted to Harvard!"
B: "What were your numbers?"
A: "My LSAT was 178, GPA was 3.9."
B: "You got hit by YP, dude."
#splitter #lsat #gpa #ugpa #law school #reverse splitter #traditional splitter #ttt #t14 #adcomm #urm #lsac #splitter friendly
by Schlomo Rosenberg December 03, 2010
meaning; Young Pussy

girls that are of legal age of consent but happen to be anywhere from a year to several years younger than you
"Man, that party was poppin' with the YP!!!"
#young #pussy #younger #girls #underage
by MOOSEMEAT26 November 07, 2011
The opposite of np for "no problem" in chat, text-messaging and IM shorthand. "yp" means "yes problem" and indicates annoyance at a request.
Text message: help me move this afternoon?
Reply: yp
#np #no #no way #no can do #bug off
by npthree July 28, 2011
Young Professional, usually a recent college graduate with a well paying job.
Guy 1 - There were a ton of babes at the bar last night
Guy 2 - Did you notice all the YPs? The girls could smell the money on them.
#yuppie #college #rich #blue blood #young professional #prolebrity #trust fund baby #talentless douche #yo pro #yupster
by G Mone¥ June 18, 2014
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