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54 definitions by Dom

a slang term for ur anus not ur ass
My whale eye burned when I took a shit.
by Dom February 03, 2004
a girl that smells like fish if you know what i mean
Boy: Hey fish sticks bring ur fine ass over here
Girl: Can we fuck
by Dom December 20, 2004
The act of sticking one's entire head, (Face and all) into a women's vagina. Similar to fisting only it's your head.
"My husband gives the best Head."
by Dom March 17, 2005
to stream really fast. so fast that the 's' in stream falls off.
yo buddy tream me that video
by dom March 29, 2005
small, tiny
Forget it that scratch is dink as hell! He/She will never notice.
by Dom February 03, 2004
anythang and everythang fo sho!
Boovenchuffy! meaning cool,in a good way, or damn!in a good or bad way
by Dom November 14, 2003
white ass redhaired fag
that kid alex blalock is the biggest warf ive ever fuckin met!
by dom March 01, 2005