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A combination of 'Safe' and 'Sweet', used when you can't decide which to use.
An expression of approval or to conclude a meeting/conversation.
Bob: See u later
Joe: Swafe
by Lucyw September 04, 2006
Hey, how ya doin', Stay safe etc. THis word was invented by Mr Gareth Thomas, brother of Adam.
(Walking past a friend or acquaintance) Swafe bro = hello , my friend. Stay safe.
by Kimmi November 14, 2003
London term.... a word made up or the words sexy and safe... you would tell somebody that u thought was both sexy and safe that they are swafe
Danielle ur proper swafe lovin ya.... or
oh my god i think im in love with him... he's soooo swafe
by countrys_finest March 03, 2006
A term used to describe the antics of a man when he goes without sexual intercourse for many days or weeks in a derogitory sense. This activity can be performed more then once per day, however, in doing so energy will be lost.
Roger had no girlfriend, so he was a swafe
by Dom March 15, 2004
As above - Invented by me myself, Roger, in 1998, in a Science lesson, and accidently said 'Swafe'. Swafe now means good - or cool.
You'd use Swafe by saying , hey look at that Ferrari, thats a swafe car.


Your a really Swafe dude.
by Roger B January 20, 2004
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