53 definitions by Dom

to be very nooster like
she is looking so nooterific
by Dom February 19, 2003
A homosexual lama
The Todote you sold me refuses to mate with the female Lama on my farm
by dOm February 22, 2014
Huge homo that lives in berwyn
Joe, Frances, ITSbassist
by Dom February 13, 2005
In the old times if you disobayed orders in the army you had your arms tied behind yor back and a giant kaneing with your pants down on your penis, there fore nobslap
"Running away from my battle son that calls 4 a good old nobslap"
by Dom November 08, 2004
make a nuisance of
look, will you stop charlieding around
by Dom October 09, 2003
closet catholic, one scared to admit his religion
that guy there is not one of us he's a Freien
by Dom October 09, 2003
A large eyebrow which could be classed as a small forest
"James you really gotta sort out that eyebrow if you think sophie will go out with you!"
by Dom November 08, 2004

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