53 definitions by Dom

stupid pearls of (no) wisdom said by jeff from coupling (bbc2 sundays 10:30)
i want breasts with brains...i mean not individual brains that would be over egging the woman pudding
by dom January 12, 2004
A massive dump that is raunchy, very liquidy, and explosive
Man that taco bell gave me massive rentaria
by dom August 08, 2003
1.lord of the thundercats
2.a hot guy
1.tygra was in trouble but liono saved him
2.that bloke was a right liono
by dom February 03, 2004
a decent Canadian band that people love to make fun of.
Simple Plan is a band.
by Dom May 19, 2004
Toilet, dunny, the throne room.
I have just dropped some bum spuds down the chodbin
by dom December 11, 2003
A chronic masterbator, whom uses the metric system to measure himself, haha I know he's cool like that, he wears duff.
Hi i'm Justin, I play drums.
by Dom February 27, 2005
a day dreamer, someone who thinks he is someone else.
See that boy he is charlied
by Dom October 08, 2003

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