Top Definition
pronounced who-er

1. A variation of whore used by wiseguys, usually used to refer to promiscuous women and prostitutes.

2. Something deadly people call not so deadly people
1. "Are you sayin my mothers a whoor?"

2. "Daltron is such a fuckin whoor!"
by DiggleZ July 25, 2006
the kind of girl who:
- probably only acts like that on saturday nights
- is acting like an idiot to get guy's attention
- you might be friends with if your boyfriend weren't staring at her right now
- goes to bars intending to make douchebags buy her drinks all night
- drunkenly drops her drink on the ground, sending glass shards into your cute shoes
- is not quite as bad as a whore, hence the spelling change
"where's billy?"

"talking to some dumb whoor inside."
by mrs. khalil greene July 14, 2008
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