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A huge whorefest. Girls show up in teeny tops and mini skirts even in the dead of winter. Guys dress like the douchebags they are, wearing thier RocaWear and SouthPole. Some dances sell glowsticks, see school is educational, it's teaching 6th graders about raves! Not only the glowstick thing raves and dances have in common, they blare loud music. But not techno, oh no! middle school dances usually blare Top 40 hits from 5 months ago that everyone is sick of listening to because the local radio station overplays them, such as ''Smack That'' and When You're Mad'' but also they play shit from the 1970's like AC/DC when only half of the dimwitted students even know who they are, or when they came out. Then they play a slow song and it's a race to find someone of the opppiste sex. If you don't, you look like a loser in the corner all by yourself wishing the song would just friggin end already! or you look like a gay/lesbian if your one of those types that dances with thier friends during slow songs. Plus some of these dances have cops in the corner so we can make sure nobody's having oral sex on the floor while the gay ass teachers chaperoning are doing it anally in one of the classrooms as we speak.
A Middle School Dance was probably one of the worst things invented
by DizzyLizzy February 20, 2007
Public Display of Affection. Contains hugging, kissing, holding hands, etc... These are not allowed at school. Old jealous bastards.
Ms. Hall freaked out when she saw Ashley and Timmy doing pda but she can't help it cause she never got laid
by DizzyLizzy January 18, 2007
A crappy reality show where bratty kids overbutcher songs sung by the greatest legends alive like Stevie Wonder and Diana Ross. What's even worse is that horny 11-year girls vote for the crappiest singer in the universe and support this gay ass show. The highlight of the show is when that bitch Paula slaps Simon for like the 89th time in a row. God FOX really does suck
Contestant:If youu were mah girll oh oh yah!

Randy: Yah dawg wasn't feeling it

Fuck you guy


american idol is coorperate shit
by DizzyLizzy April 17, 2007
A wicked gay place that makes no sense. For one thing a person will like the same music as a popular person and be called a poser, but when you don't like the same stuff as popular people, your called a geek/nerd/loser wtf is up with that? also it has these gay-ass teachers that wish they were our age again so they keep us after for 7 hours for breathing.
middle school sucks balls
by DizzyLizzy November 30, 2006
Myspace Tom

The antichrist of the internet

A big jerk who will delete your account for no reason.
I am the Myspace Tom I am your ruler for you are using my drug called Myspace HAHAHAHA
by DizzyLizzy June 08, 2006
Some old bitch on T.V. who just yells even if you don't look at her, well why the fuck would you wanna look at that ugly old wrinkled face for? She yells way too much, you have to turn your t.v. down because of her annoying voice, and I hate her
Judge Judy is a bitch
by DizzyLizzy April 01, 2007
The seat two males leave open to show the world they are not gay
Let's use the I'm not gay seat
by DizzyLizzy February 08, 2007
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