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Those little things you see in your eye and when you try to look at it it swims away!

They're really just little particles of stuff that linger on your eye, making you think your hallucinating but it's just dust or little floating objects that collided with your eyeballs.
Man 2: I didn't see anything.
Man 1: Oh I just had Eye Floaties
by Dinukun August 19, 2009
A group of related humans (or animals) that are blood related. Most children hate them because their Mommy didn't give them what they want. Excuse them for not buying you a Plasma TV. Most kids also hate them because "They annoy me." Heads up, you're not going to get through life with that attitude because your gonna have a worse time with coworkers and your ex's.

They're not that bad. I mean they feed you and water you. What more do you need?
Kid: "I hate my family."
Other Kid: "And why is that?"
Kid: "Because my sister gets everything she wants like a new cellphone and a pet. But I don't get anything."
Other kid: "You think maybe because your sister loves your family regardless instead of only loving them when she gets presents?"
Kid: "Whatever I hate my Parents."
by Dinukun August 24, 2009

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