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Cyborg: Cybernetic Organism
Metal endoskeleton covered in a rubber exterior. Easily identified as a Terminator
The T-600 Terminator is an inferior model.
by Dingo July 08, 2003
The male reproductive organ in the relaxed state.
I played with my floppy doppy to get it hard.
by Dingo February 25, 2003
Large torpedo shaped breasts that jiggle a lot.
-see Taki in soul caliber 2
by Dingo September 08, 2003
To place the male reproductive organ into the anus of another.
"Yo Coby, you see that girl over there. I want to cock that crack!"
by Dingo February 24, 2003
Another term for a HOMO
Stop looking at my ass, you fucking sauce cake!
by Dingo February 25, 2003
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