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A sweet, love-able family man. Coby's can be a little shy at first, quiet, and cautious. Coby's love to be around family and friends.
Look at him with his kids, he's such a Coby.

You need to be more careful, more of a Coby.
by smartest mama in the world February 03, 2010
a cheap company that sells defective products.
Coby electronics
by thebestguyonearth October 23, 2003
An extremely attractive and caring individual who is completely himself. Very artistically talented and knows how to charm. All who know him love him; just an overall amazing guy.
He's so great, he must be a Coby
by Faldae May 02, 2013
Badass queen bitch. Not afraid of anything or anyone. Can street fight like no other and has a ferocious temper. Loyal friend and is always there to listen or give advice. Gives great relationship advice but it's weird because she always dates the wrong guy for her. Faithful and loving girlfriend, but is easily jealous. Has black men lined up down the street for her big sexy curves.
Who just punched that girl in the face?

Coby because she looked at her man
by I love them white girls December 25, 2013
The act of carrying something on your head.
(sees someone carrying books on his head) Hey, you're cobying.
by LigonerYbocNamloohcs November 22, 2014

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