12 definitions by Dingo

goodbye, or 'see ya'
'alright, i gotta go' 'ok, pizzy!'
by dingo March 03, 2005
hot, wild, fantastic
Baby got a booty go "POW!"
by Dingo October 07, 2003
to retrieve an item for someone else.
"Hey sucka, spawn me that chain yo!"
by Dingo June 14, 2003
dingo ate my baby. Dingos are good tucka. yee.
use in sentences such as: Dingo ate my BABY! and: dingo, would u really hurt such a beautiful creature?
by dingo January 21, 2004
Hopeless virgin for life. He'll never get laid.
Oh no I'm a virgin for life!

Haha, you're a grendle!
by Dingo August 07, 2003

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