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According to a former U.S. Vice President, a (usually) red type of produce that is the key ingredient to tomato sauce. Obviously it was a misspelling, but it is understandable because said former U.S. Vice President was raised in Indiana, a state known for a plethora of roadside produce stands with signs proclaiming "tomatoe", "greenbean's, pie's, and "ear's of corn", etc.
Based on a real event where said former U.S. Vice President incorrectly corrected a youngster as to the proper spelling of "tomato", holding fast to the spelling "tomatoe".
by Jorg Sacul August 05, 2006
New Word Order for the New American Century!
Let's enforce "tomatoe" on the people for the New American Century!
by jaelee11 February 14, 2008
1. someone who engages in promiscuous sexual realtion useually for money
2. someone who prosents themselves as a skank
3. someone who wears revealing clothing
girl 1: wow! did you see stephanie's myspace pictures?
girl 2: yeah. she is such a tomatoe
girl 1: i know! i mean PUT SOME CLOTHES ON!
guy: i thought she was pretty HOTT
by tastexxmyxxchaos April 19, 2007
a word used by geeks that is placed at the end of a sentance (could be used as a full stop)

ben .. your a tomatoe head
OGM WTF ree ree head tomatoe
by Serpent February 28, 2005
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