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A man who proceeds to "accidentally" slip his penis into a woman's anus while having vaginal sex from behind.
Craig furthered Susan's suspicion that he was a backdoor bandit when she felt his cock try to slide into her anus while doing it doggie style.
#backdoor bandit #anus #anal sex #doggy style #doggie style
by Dexaw March 10, 2008
The name of an adult video store in Portland, Oregon. It is known for its abundance of gloryholes in its arcade booths.
I'm gonna head down to Fat Cobra to watch some porn and get a blowjob.
#store #portland #oregon #porn #arcade #video #gloryhole
by Dexaw October 04, 2007
v. The act of looking up someone's shorts through the pant leg openings.

adj. Pictures or videos taken of the unsuspecting individual's underwear or genitals.

This term is usually applied to males wearing loose fitting or baggy shorts; when the individual sits down his shorts will leave a large opening usually under the leg.
v. I like to sit across from the boys so I can upshort them when they're not looking.

adj. I bring my camera to basketball games so I can take upshort photos of the guys on the bench.
#underwear #voyeur #view #hidden #genitals #spycam
by Dexaw March 09, 2009
A penis whose girth is largest in the middle and gets smaller at the tip and base so that it is shaped like a cucumber.

A cucumber cock is generally a large, uncircumcised penis.
Emily had trouble getting half of Tyler's dick in her mouth because he had a cucumber cock.
#cock #penis #shaft #dick #big cock #cucumber dick #cucumber penis
by Dexaw December 29, 2008
A raid or instance boss or aspect of an encounter in World of Warcraft that is defined by the ability of group members to accomplish a simple task.
When the words "Do not move" appear in the middle of your screen while fighting the Shade of Aran and you continue to move, you have failed the retard check by killing your group members.
#warcraft #world of warcraft #wow #mmorpg #raid
by Dexaw April 24, 2008
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