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A device fast food places came up with during the `80s to serve lazy fatasses who are too fat or lazy to walk from the parking lot to the counter. Essentially a window on the side of the building where you get your special six patty big mac served between three hashbrowns instead of buns.
The drive-thru was invented for lazy people.
#mcdonald's #burger king #wendy's #jack in the box #fatass
by Dennisisevil May 05, 2006
Someone at work who saves all the good or easy jobs for himself and his buddies. Also applies to an athlete who only plays when he feels like it or when he can come in and take all the glory for himself.
Damn Jeff is such a cherry picker. He took the easy job and dumped all the grunt work off on us.
#slacker #dog fucker #cherry picking #loafer #loafing
by DennisIsEvil August 22, 2006
One who always feels the need to be protesting or joining some cause such as greenpeace or PeTA. Causeheads are habitual joiners and often end up abandoning a previous cause for another more promising one.
Protestors who always feel the need to jump from one cause to another or a bunch of causes at once are causeheads.
#protestor #zealot #rebel without a cause #rebel without a clue #joiner
by DennisIsEvil October 15, 2005
An ugly obnoxious bitch. Waking up with one is the usual result of way too much booze and not enough wingmen.
I should really lay off the Jagerbombs I keep waking up beside a ditchpig.
#ditchpig #ditchpigs #nottie #wingman #jagerbomb
by DennisIsEvil March 21, 2007
Similar to The Hitler Card, The God card is when one evokes the name of God or some other religious deity into a debate. Usually their logic is that their opponent's position goes against the word of God and often times they include religious scripture. This is Usually done as alast ditch effort by someone who does not have anything even remotely resembling rational reasons for their position and feels the need to appeal to their opponents religious beliefs or blind faith to steer the argument into their religon.
The God Card often comes into play on issues like abortion, war, or politics.
#god #the hitler card #debate #jesus repeatus #assclown
by dennisisevil June 27, 2006
A great way to make sure sex won't be happening and you'll be spending lots of time sitting around the basement with a bunch of fat sweaty dorks.
Guy: I'm in severe danger of getting laid. This chick is nympho who ain't had sex in a month whaddo I Do?
Buddy: Don't worry I'll save you with some fantasy sports. Bros befo hos.
#fantasy football #fantasy baseball #fantasy racing #fantasy hockey #sausage party
by DennisIsEvil August 22, 2006
The police car. Usually a Chevy Impala or Crown Victoria marked or unmarked. Much like it's NASCAR counterpart when it appears Everyone instinctively slows down and drives in double single file lines and nobody dares to pass it.
Uh-Oh it's the interstate pace car everybody slow down.
#cops #cop car #police #five-o #5-0
by DennisIsEvil March 08, 2006
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