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44 definitions by DennisIsEvil

A frigid bitch who thinks her shit doesn't stink and ignores men's advances and usually whines about everything. If you got an ice queen on your arm kick her out the door because you have no chance in hell of slipping the beef to this one.
My ex is a frigid ice queen whose primary language is complaints
by DennisIsEvil June 09, 2007
49 103
A piece of crap foreign car made to look like a racecar. Usually piloted by some wigger. Typical add-ons include a giant wing that does nothing, a PS2 or XBox, tons of cheasy ground fx, a pathetic looking hoodscoop, all kids of window stickers for parts the driver doesn't own, and of course a coffee can looking muffler to make the car sound like an angry lawnmower.

Driver 1:Look at my Honda I'm bad homes I'm bad I drive a tuner.
Driver 2: Oh shut up everyone knows that chunk of crap used to be your grandma's grocery getter.
by DennisIsEvil April 18, 2006
21 133