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A car in piss poor condition that not even a hobo would sleep in. Usually smells like the county landfill from it's previous owners' offspring spilling soda and crapping their pants in the backseats. Called a shitwagon because of it's similarity to what a farmer hauls fertilizer in.
Jim's car is a total shitwagon.
by DennisIsEvil October 07, 2006
Pathetic wanna-be posers who cling to everything cool and suck the lifeblood from it and then move onto the next fad or craze after the head trendy declares it uncool.

If it's a show or movie they'll keep quoting lines from it. If it's a song they will play it over and over again a zilion times a day.
Napoleon Dynamite and Dave Chapelle were cool until the trendys got hold of it.
by DennisIsEvil July 14, 2006
Being poor and having no money. a contraction of Funds are low. say funds are low real fast.
I'd like to buy some new shoes but I got the funzallo.
by Dennisisevil November 06, 2005
A college that basically doesn't give a crap about academics only how many more butts it can put in the stadium. Usually inhabited by brain-dead jocks who will more than likely end-up pumping gas when they get out of school.
That school is a football factory.
by DennisIsEvil October 15, 2005
A guy who likes to fuck other men in the ass. When you find one mace `em in the eyes and run.
Watch out boys Bob is an asshole puncher.
by DennisIsEvil June 14, 2007
A really lousy place to watch movies or go for a date. You get to watch the movie on a screen a mile away and listen to it on scratchy antique speakers.

Supposedly you could make out there. That is if you ignore the minivan full of retarded hilljack kids gawking at you all damn day. It's also a great place to get herpes as the bathrooms haven't been cleaned since sometime during the `70s.
Drive-ins were really popular during the 70s.
by Dennisisevil May 05, 2006
An extremely fat chick.
She is quite a heavy hauler, That chick is fat as hell.
by DennisIsEvil October 15, 2005

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