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Small food items you would not normally eat, unless presented to you as the only food option at an event where you drank a bit too much already, and plan to continue to drink.
"I'm so buzzed right now that those crappetizers are beginning to look good..."
by Deirdre (DeDe) Daniels April 29, 2007
A female who practices yoga.
"My boyfriend was a yogi when we met, so I became a yogini!"
by Deirdre (DeDe) Daniels December 10, 2006
The feeling of being almighty, all powerful, and supreme that invades a cat's brain after he/she has been rolling around on the floor with a cat nip toy.
The skinny grey cat, Jackson, must have been feeling catnipotent as he left the cat nip toy behind and lunged at the much larger cat, Moe.
by Deirdre (DeDe) Daniels March 12, 2008
An older person who practices yoga.
Tom said, "Since I'm practicing yoga now, at 80+ years of age, I've moved on from calling myself a yogi. I now call myself a yogeezer!”
by Deirdre (DeDe) Daniels December 10, 2006
Someone who has millions of dollars, but, due to boredom and a need for thrills, must do daredevil-type stunts.
"I think the chances are that he's no longer with us," Thrillionaire #1 Richard Branson said of his friend, Thrillionaire #2 Steve Fossett. "I think everybody involved has pretty well given up hope, sadly."
by Deirdre (DeDe) Daniels November 04, 2007
When someone is SO annoying, you want to punch them in the stomach hard, so they double over into a hunched position.
“That guy over there is a total punch and hunch.”
by Deirdre (DeDe) Daniels September 04, 2006
A mixture between the terms "chill" and "loose".
Dude, just be chilloose! Being agro won't help ANYTHING!
by Deirdre (DeDe) Daniels December 16, 2006

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