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Small food items you would not normally eat, unless presented to you as the only food option at an event where you drank a bit too much already, and plan to continue to drink.
"I'm so buzzed right now that those crappetizers are beginning to look good..."
by Deirdre (DeDe) Daniels April 29, 2007
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That seemingly normal shit you take 15 minutes before realizing you aren't even close to finished.
"Dude, pull over."
"You just went, man.'
"Apparently it was just a Crappetizer. Now pull over before I shit in my pants!"
by Plabadahey February 04, 2010
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when you need to crap really badly and only a small amount comes out initially and you know there is a much larger amount to follow.
Man, I needed to take a huge ass dump and all I got was this lousy crappetizer.
by whybotherbro August 04, 2010
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Appetizers that you typically get in a chain or fast food restaurant that are usually high-fat, high-cholesterol, and high-calorie (but we usually eat them anyhow).
Let's just order some crappetizers: chili-cheese fries with ranch dressing, loaded nachos with extra cheese, and some potato skins with bacon and sour cream!
by Karen Drummey August 04, 2007
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When someone does not flush the toilet after taking a dump leaving it to be discovered by the next user.
I went to use the bathroom at Wal-Mart and someone left me a Crappetizer!
by LazyFantazzie March 02, 2010
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