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to have sex with a girl using no condom
I just hit a yogi last night
by yogibear68 December 21, 2010
365 143
One who practices yoga and has achieved a high level of spiritual insight.
Let's visit the wise yogi, he may be able to offer us guidance.
by Spazizoner February 15, 2006
216 158
This is a real "G". Often known for his killer swagg and admired for his basketball skills. Women love off "de Yogi", when they see him the legs spread instantly and oceans rush from underneath. Owner of YogiBear
Yogi is the boss.

If you don't know Yogi your lame.

OMG!!!!! Its Yogi!
by Khalid17 April 23, 2011
49 48
Yogi, substitute for the slang use of bare, meaning lots of.
"Yogi munch"

by Nicky Bushnell February 04, 2009
9 17
In Golf a player who is a golf geek or nerd.
What a yogi he has no headcovers, a pull cart, playing bare foot, in plaid cargo shorts,and a striped shirt.
by Ryan Mills July 29, 2008
22 30
also is known as "The Champion" or "The Stoli Guy", a guy who frequents numerous bars mostly on Upper East Side of Manhattan. He is known to forget open tabs, lose his wallet, keys, phone, coat and even a shoe. He has been discovered sleeping in various locations while hugging pillows or avocados. He has special talents such as sleeping standing up while tightly clutching his drink, walking home with his eyes closed, break dancing on the sidewalk in a trenchcoat, jumping double-Dutch while wearing flip-flops, and speaking in "Yogi-isms".
by Corona guy 1 December 30, 2010
26 35
A generic term for a priest/rabbi/cleric/preacher of any other denomination
My yogi told me that I shouldn't judge the faiths of other yogis
by Norse Boar August 29, 2010
18 28