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10 definitions by Debri

When a person receiving a tossed salad farts in the face of the person giving the salad.
"Sean ate a burrito for dinner and later, in the bedroom, he pulled a Salad Shooter on me!"
by Debri October 27, 2011
When a television show that you have recorded gets the end of it clipped off.
I set my DVR to record The Waltons and the recording stopped before I heard "Goodnight Johnboy." It was a television circumcision.
by Debri January 19, 2011
The act of smearing a dingleberry on a person's forehead, inbetween their eyebrows, after giving them a Louisiana Teabag.
Did you see that Hillbilly Bindi on Ronda? Someone gave her a mean Lousiana Teabag!
by DebRi December 21, 2013
A sexual position of a person when they get down on all fours and tucks their head into their chest while raising their ass into the air, as another person inserts a lit flashlight into their rectum, with their lit side pointing upward.
Kevin turned chad into a Kentucky Lighthouse the other night. It was glorious!
by DebRi December 21, 2013
When a person attempts fellatio (giving head) to a limp penis.
My wife tried to blow me last night but since I wasn't into it, she wound up giving me a Soft Serve Flagpole.
by DebRi December 21, 2013
Like a "regular"teabag, but done with a dingleberry instead of testicles.
Lola was surprised when she woke up to her husband giving her a Louisiana Teabag which left her with a Hillbilly Bindi.
by DebRi December 21, 2013
When one person squats over another person's face and defecates (takes a dump) on their forehead. This often occurs during a sexual encounter, but it does not have to.
I gave Janice an Old Fashioned Dutch Baby last night.
by DebRi December 21, 2013