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when the penis does not get a full erection
you can not perform sexual act because you have a fwub
by debbie July 13, 2003
bk, meaning 'back' is a word used online a lot. when you leave for a second and are back, you might say 'bk.'
girl: hold on one sec, i need to get the phone
boy: ok no prob
girl: bk, sorry it was my friend
boy: it's ok
by debbie April 26, 2005
a person who wants to fuck all the time...24 hours a day ....7 days a week....all year round...
I am such a Fuck Nut...at least my husband thinks so...
by Debbie June 07, 2003
A term of endearment used in place of a person's real name; a nickmame. The first word that comes to mind when your baby starts to crawl, walk, talk. Used only in the most loving of ways with no negative connation at all. A loving nickname for someone who is pure, innocent, warms your heart and makes you smile.
Have you seen Goober?
by Debbie January 21, 2005
Meliha's new nickname for her big booty cast!!! oh yea thats right its big booty. :) uh huh uh huh ;) :)
Meliha's tibula when she thinks she can continue to run with a stress fracture!!! wow she is so smart...*winking* :) :)
by Debbie March 17, 2005

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