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Usually refers to having good business sense or is generally good with money. One who is wise with money and does not fritter it away needlessly.
He is a shrewd businessman.
by DeadMan January 20, 2004
Euphamistically kicking a man when he is down. Especially when you just beat him in some competition. Rubbing it in. Boasting in order to make the loser feel bad.
Jimmy beat Joe into second place and then proceeded to gloat about it.
by DeadMan January 20, 2004
Someone who is not content. Usually applied to someone who has either lost or is not happy with their lot. Malcontents tend to bitch and moan a lot about their current situation.
That loser is a total malcontent.
by DeadMan January 20, 2004
(Adjective, Descriptive/Derogatory)

1) Someone who is overweight by quite a bit, but dresses in clothing inappropriate to their size. Can be used for either sex.
1) Man, that guy should NOT be wearing that shirt. I can see his freakishly large gut! That's just Boferous.

2) I'm all for women in skimpy tops, but jeez! Wear a sweater, would ya, Boferous?
by Deadman August 11, 2004
A lovelt lady who is always nice too everyone. And she has one hell of a Fucking RACK on her...WOOOOOHOOO BOOBIESSSSSSS
I love every inch of Fritzy on CAM!!!!!!
Nipples included..
by Deadman March 13, 2003
A whole lotta shit dude!
It was a veritable smorgasborg of clown pr0n.

"We are the smorgasborg. Resistance is futile cuz there are so many of us we'll kick yer booty into outer space!"
by DeadMan January 20, 2004
Should be called oldist since it's usually ugly old wrinklies cavorting in the buff.
Whoa! Did you see the floppy bazonga's on that nudist!
by DeadMan January 20, 2004
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