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"There is a device <centaurs> use <to wipe themselves in the bathroom>, it's called an aubesian - it's a stainless steel telescoping rod, with gripper claws, and a sort of toggle line that allows you to move the paper back and forth." --Saturday Night Live, "Centaur Job Interview," 5/19/01
Cheiron, do you want to go with me to Aubesians & Such? There's one on 57th Street.
by DavidK93 May 08, 2004
A fictional romantic couple, especially on a soap opera, whose members repeatedly overcome adversity together, and repeatedly reunite after prolonged separations.
Luke and Laura of "General Hospital" are considered the original supercouple, but Bo and Hope of "Days of our Lives" have certainly given them a run for their money in terms of popularity.
by DavidK93 August 16, 2004
When a homosexual or bisexual person alters the appearance of his or her domecile in order to hide from view any objects that could be construed as "gay." This is done in anticipation of the arrival of guests who are unaware of or uncomfortable with the individual's sexual orientation.
Oh, man, I need to straighten up before my parents get here. Jim, can you hold onto my gay porn until they leave?
by DavidK93 April 12, 2004
To "be Tamyra'ed" means to be overlooked in a voting process, especially on American Idol, due to a perception of "not needing the help." In the first season of American Idol, many viewers now feel that Tamyra Gray failed to get her fair share of votes, because people thought she was so good that she would surely get a lot of votes and therefore they should instead vote for their second or third favorite singers who might have been in danger of being sent home.
If Fantasia is your favorite singer this season, why aren't you voting for her tonight, after her best performance to date? If everyone thinks the same way you do, she'll be Tamyra'ed for sure!
by DavidK93 April 16, 2004
A "show romance," that is, a romance that develops between reality show contestants or participants, especially one that ends as soon as the show is over. Often entered into primarily as a ploy to gain more camera time. The term was popularized by Kristen, of E!'s "Watch with Kristen."
I thought Nick and Amy shared a real romance on The Apprentice, but their immediate breakup proves that it was just a showmance.
by DavidK93 April 08, 2004
(adj) Unsuited to appear on MTV's "The Real World."
"I'm a little too punk-rock for that kind of stuff." --Frankie Abernathy
by DavidK93 August 03, 2004
Flaming Ball Of Death. A concentration of energy, usu. spherical or spheroid in shape, used as a projectile weapon, esp. by demons on the show Charmed.
Cole launched a massive FBOD at the Source after freeing Piper from its hold, but the Oracle jumped in the way and was incinerated instead.
by DavidK93 April 12, 2004
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