38 definitions by David from Kingsbury

English public school for turds. Also used to describe Korean soldiers during the Korean war.
'I say Molesworth, you've left noggies floating in the lav'
by David from Kingsbury November 03, 2003
Rare but recorded London phrase for 'Do me a favour'. Totally mystery origin, unless you know the answer.
"Oi Trev, you're not saying you need my motor again, do me a lemon..."
by David from Kingsbury April 13, 2006
Polite term my family uses for a fart, usually a silent one of unknown origin.
David, have you just made a smell again?
by David from Kingsbury December 27, 2003
Gob of phlegm in the street, also 'Dockyard oyster' from Portsmouth Dockyard.
Mind the road there, you'll tread in that oyster.
by David from Kingsbury August 26, 2007
Comparing the way British Indians speak with the Welsh accent
Those new neighbours speak very good Bombay Welsh
by David from Kingsbury November 04, 2003
Nice word parents use in front of children for a fart
Abigail:'Giles dear, wind down the window, I think Guy's done another windy'
Giles:'Are you sure that wasn't you Abigail?'
by David from Kingsbury December 27, 2003
Also the streaks of poo that appear on a man's willy after anal sex
Ugh, you've got winnits! You're a fag!
by David from Kingsbury November 07, 2003
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