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Short for bumf-odder, or toilet paper.
I say Terence, is there any bumf in your cubicle, we're running out in here.
by David from Kingsbury November 07, 2003
Like 'harvest moon', another rhyming version of coon, which I think we all understand.
'See Sharon's new bloke, another bloody egg and spoon'
by David from Kingsbury November 07, 2003
Lavatorial accident, a la Frank Spencer.
Oo Betty, the cat's done a whoopsie in my beret!
by David from Kingsbury November 11, 2003
Same as a turd-pusher or uphill gardener. A man that likes to put his willy up another man's anus. Ugh.
Look at that Michael Barrymore- another bloody dung puncher.
by David from Kingsbury November 04, 2003
English public school word for poo, includes soft crot for diarrhoea. Probably based on crotels, an old word for hare droppings.
'Mornin' Bunter, just been to the matron with a touch of the soft crot'
by David from Kingsbury November 03, 2003
Flowery description of a ghetto blaster or large portable music player often carried around in the late 20th century and played at full volume by many of Britain's ethnic population.
You'll recognise Dwayne when he comes in, he'll be carrying his third world briefcase.
by David from Kingsbury August 29, 2005
Those particles of shit that stick to the anal hair
Tracy's gone off Darren, she says he had chuff nuts on his arse!
by David from Kingsbury November 07, 2003

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