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6 definitions by Davester6675

the state of not having been penetrated up the ass
Barry lost his anal virginity to a cucumber.
by Davester6675 August 14, 2004
semen, secreted by the balls, released through the dong
Officer Barbrady, I want your hot man chowda.
by Davester6675 August 14, 2004
it's crap, you moron
When you bone a dude up the butt, you're sure to run into butt fudge.
by Davester6675 August 14, 2004
a smelly homeless guy who has a stiffy
Watch out for that hobonerection.
by Davester6675 August 14, 2004
A weak genre of music that's not at all technical or challenging to play. It consists of dressing up in boiler suits and masks and playing one fingered downtuned powerchords constantly, as Nu Metal groups are unable to play decent leads or solos.
See also: mallcore,shitknot,newb metal
Lamer: "Mudvayne is the heaviest shit evaqua!!!111oneoneone"
Dave: "I don't know about the heavy part, but they sure are shit."
by Davester6675 December 04, 2004
I'll rape you up the friggin butt. And don't think I won't.
by Davester6675 August 14, 2004