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A word used to describe a very big penis.

by Darius April 25, 2003
go and... INFORMAL used to express disapproval of something that is done:

He's gone and lost (= He has lost)that wallet I gave him for his birthday.
Mike's really gone and done it now - he'll be in terrible trouble for breaking that window
by Darius March 30, 2003
a slice is an attractive woman or a girl.
Look at the slices, man!
by Darius April 25, 2003
birthday - bearing or being born of the day.
Happy doomsday!
by Darius January 09, 2004
n. An erection.
int. An exclaimation used to note an erection.
"I saw Natalie today--"

"You gave me an Uh-Oh"
"Well it wouldn't be the first time."
by Darius February 13, 2005
1. Something or someone considered to have the attributes of a nerd and/or dork and/or... well... gimp
2.A genius, nerdy Star Wars Guru from Techerson Tech made of "techno-flesh", quoted his website. From the 'Undergrads' cartoon. Hates Star Trek.
1.I may be gimpy, but I'm proud of it.
2. All hail Gimpy, master of the Jedi! Down with Spud, the Star Trek loving enemy of the Force!
by Darius July 15, 2003
my hometown is a cube
just come in here or go and watch the film.
by Darius April 24, 2003

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