34 definitions by Darius

to finally start something
by Darius April 22, 2003
a small, bored town.
by Darius April 24, 2003
grind flour until you pass out.
by Darius April 28, 2003
You know there are times where you want to tell someone to shut their hole. Here's a word that you can use.
You know what, maish.
by Darius March 03, 2005
To have sex wit.
In Luda's new song Stand Up he says how you aint gonna cut girl Im me.
by darius February 07, 2004
to give the best of yourself
to dance
by Darius April 22, 2003
To use shovel or hands to create a hole.
I used a shovel to dig a hole.
by darius March 27, 2005

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