34 definitions by Darius

fall for
have it bad for you
by Darius March 30, 2003
Niggas that hang around and ain't even wanted
why you here busta brown? kick step foo'!
by darius January 04, 2005
a cool person with a life. hates them stupid chavs that smoke and loung around. likes skating, rock music, and everything anti-chav.
by Darius November 28, 2003
to force oneself upon sombody
to carry a torch for somebody
by Darius April 24, 2003
A quitter is a person who gives up easily instead of finishing something.
by Darius March 30, 2003
a tigercow is a woman in her 40s, presumably frustrated because of her age and limited sexual popularity.
by Darius April 30, 2003
to have BMW, a shaven head, a leather jacket and hailing from Poland.
by Darius April 25, 2003

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