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a vietnanese guy who is usually extremly artistic. Duy's tend to express themselves through dance and art. they are generally smart and are willing to help out anyone.
Hey Duy, can you dance for us?
by VietnameseSwagger May 28, 2010
derived from duy dang and duy pham (duy and duyer)... 1. overexageration and talking out of the ass; 2. acting as though you kno everything when all u say is complete nonsense that makes you look like a total idiot 3. can be used to insult others by comparing someone with duy and duyer.
1. quit duying around.
2. ur acting like a duy.
by unknown friend of duy n duyer January 03, 2005
super genius who is a great master and you shall obey
master duy is cool now shut up slut
by ^_^ April 08, 2003
to pike out of any motorcyle related event for no good reason other than some slightly damp weather.
looks like rain i'm doing a duy, see you some other time maybe if i can be arsed.
by slojo May 05, 2005
derived from huey and louie; pronounced "DOO-E". like to play poker online with his lucky account and spends every possible time to be with his girlfriend. =)
Duy cheats on his girlfriend with poker.
by roncal March 17, 2005
A special boy who made the drug DUI and stuffed it in his computer case and would occasionally sniff it to get high.
Duy nigga pass the dui.
by Darius February 03, 2005
A short uncircumsized penis.
Ha. That guys got a Duy!
by hoovyoovy April 09, 2010