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To be implicated of an event that one may or may not have actually done. The KSM is in direct reference to Khalid Sheikh Mohammed, who under torture admitted to being the mastermind behing the 9/11 attacks.
"Dude, I heard you got KSM'ed for cheating on that math test!"...

"Dude, I didn't cheat on you! I'm sooo getting KSM'ed on this one."...

"I heard KSM stole the missing socks out of my dryer!"...

"Global warming was admitted to be caused by a KSM!"
by DaDornta April 01, 2007


1. a worthless piece of cloth, especially one that is used to wipe semen on

Pronunciation: "GAr-mUK"

Garmuc is the word "cum-rag" spelled backwards. Many young men use socks, dish towels, t-shirts or what have you for this purpose. Often times it is easier for one male to say to another "I left my garmuc out!" instead of "cum rag".
"Dude, my mom did my laundry and found my garmuc!"

Friend: "Holy shit balls batman, that thing probably stood up on itself -- she is totally going to cut your internet off!"
by DaDornta April 05, 2011
A confusing and lame term used by nerds. Used to describe one's self as a fan of two television characters who are better looking and "cooler" and non-nerd hooking up.
Rosylin and Adama shipper fans post your nerdy fantasies!
by DaDornta April 01, 2007

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